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All new applicants must be referred by a member in good standing of 2 years.
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Preference will be given to competitive Benchrest or Silhouette shooters.

2013 Rosebud Annual Report

The range is located at the Homestead shooting facility 38 kms west of Calgary on Highway 1, 16 kms south on Highway 68, then 6 kms south on the Homestaed Road (click here for Map).

The club has Smallbore, Silhouette, Highpower Silhouette and 100 yard, 200 yard and 300 yard Benchrest ranges. Both firing points are covered and we have a clubhouse with a wood stove for those days that are a little cool on the trigger finger.

Metallic Silhouette
Metallic silhouette shooting is a target shooting discipline that involves shooting at metal cutouts representing game animals at varying distances. Metallic silhouette shooting at the Rosebud range can be done with black powder firearms or modern rifles. The targets used are rams, turkeys, pigs and chickens, which are cut to different scales and set at certain distances from the shooter depending on the specific discipline.

Benchrest Shooting
Benchrest shooting is a target rifle discipline shot from a bench using a front and rear rest to support the rifle. The discipline incorporates a variety of classes including rimfire and centerfire, and matches can be for score (bullseye) or for group size, and distances can be out to 1000 yards. At Rosebud we shoot centerfire group matches at 100 and 200 yards. Matches are conducted under the sanctioning rules of the BRSC – Bench Rest Shooters Canada. For further information please contact Details can also be found on the forum link above.

Silhouette shooting with modern rifles is split into categories by weight so that heavier target rifles with bull barrels are not competing against lighter hunting rifles. The basic NRA rifle classes are:

High power rifle, light - 9 lbs including sights (no belted or magnum cartridges)
High power rifle, heavy - 10 lbs 2 oz including sights
Smallbore rifle, light - 8 1/2 lbs including sights
Smallbore rifle, heavy - 10 lbs 2 oz including sights

All but the black powder classes allow any type of non-laser sights, and high power telescopic sights are normally used.

Rifle silhouette shooters shoot from an unsupported standing position, though blackpowder rifles may use shooting sticks in some competitions.


Contact Pat Patterson for further information:
Members of the public are welcome to participate!
May 7 – 40/40 HP Handicap Match
June 25 – 40/40 HP Handicap Match
July 16-23 – Silhouette Nationals
Aug 27/ 28 -- Provincial High Power Match
Sept 24 – 40/40 HP Handicap Match


MAY 28 -- BR101 Introduction to Benchrest (RF/CF)
JUNE 11 – Heavy Iron (Unl 10 shot - 100/200)
JUNE 18 – Rimfire BR Shoot
JULY 2/3 – BRSC Nationals (LV/HV 100/200)
JULY 9 – Rimfire BR Shoot
AUG 7 – Rimfire BR Shoot
AUG 20/ 21 – BRSC Super Shoot (LV/HV 100/200)
SEPT 17/18 – Alberta Provincials (LV/HV 100/200)

The range is closed to other activities on the above dates!
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Alberta wins Prairie Provincial Cup 3rd year straight Loading at Match
Firing Line Loading Facilities at Rosebud
Guns on Firing Line Range from Air
Alberta Wins Prairie Provincial Club Cup
Rosebud Range
Flags on Range Rosebud Benchrest Club

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